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Sizing Guide For Super Utility Kilts Premium Argyll Jackets and Prince Charlie Coats


A complete size & measurement guide for kilts and kilt jackets:

Oh no! This is not my size. We need to send it back for exchange.

This jacket is too loose.

This kilt is too short and fitted.

You don’t want to be one to say these when you receive your kilt or jacket for first time after online purchase. To avoid this happening, make sure you have correct sizing details with accurate measurements.

It is better to measure carefully rather than returning item later. It’s not like we won’t exchange in case such thing happens but shipping back and changing again has charges that will be costly which is quite a hassle to deal with.

Read this extensive guide to know how to measure your required size when first time ordering a kilt or kilt jacket.


Right size is equally important to look perfect just like the comfort of fabric and the details of design matters when you choose any outfit for you. Many people think that kilt size is same as their pant size, which IS ACTUALLY WRONG.

Kilts are tailored using their own measurements and are larger than standard jeans or pants sizes. Usually they are worn in a way that they fall over knee caps of the wearer and it varies from person to person. Some like to tie it around waist (bit higher) and some fasten it around their lower waist (almost hip size).

Get a pen, paper and a measuring tape to get started. Ask a friend or someone to assist you but you also can do it yourself with extra attention to details.

What you need to measure?

We need following measurements to make your kilt.

1- Your waist size.

2- Your hip size.

3- Your kilt length. (Varies according to design)

4- Fell measurement. (Optional & explained below)

 1- Measuring Waist size:

You must decide where you want to fasten your kilt. For a flattering look, it is worn above navel or actual waist but it’s totally up to your style. Stand straight up and put the measuring tape around at the point of your belly button/ waist and do not hold your stomach while doing so. Our kilts have extra few inches for comfort so note down your waist size in INCHES OR CENTIMETRES with normal breaths and relaxed posture. You’ll see that it is 2 or 3 inches larger than your regular pant size and it’s correct that way.

2- Measuring Hip size:

Since we make to order kilt according to each body type to fit perfectly, it’s must to know the size of wearer hips. Now put your feet together and place the tape around your hips where they are widest as they should be covered and fit properly in kilt otherwise it will look really odd and uncomfortable.

3- Determining kilt length:

Generally a kilt should be fastened around waist and fall over knee caps to look like traditional highlander but now nothing is actually standard or rule that you must follow. You can have it in any length and tie it anywhere above or lower on your waist. Decide where you want your kilt to get hemmed for drop size. Kneel on the ground with straight posture and measure from that point up to navel/ belly button or your desired part.

Do not bend while taking size notes.

Men’s kilt mostly have 24” inches and women’s kilts or skirts have 20” or 22” inches drop down length but since we make to measure, you’re free to customize it.

4- Fell measurement:

This is optional sizing and is actually referred to the length taken between the area of waist till hip. Unlike pants, kilts should be comfortable and should not stick to hips when you sit which is why fell size helps us to make it roomy and airy for flexible movement. We have standard measurement for ‘fell’ if one doesn’t take it.

Now that you’ve got all readings (INCHES PREFERRED), it’s time to check and compare it with our standard size tables.

For working, sport and utility kilts.

Size Fits Waist* Length
Mens Small (S) 25-30″ 18″
Mens Medium (M) 27-33″ 20″
Mens Medium Long (ML) 27-33″ 22.5″
Mens Large (L) 34-38″ 22.5″
Mens Extra Large (XL) 39-46″ 22.5″
Mens Extra Extra Large (XXL) 47-54″ 22.5″


For Utility Kilt, military Kilt, Team Kilt, and Hybrid Kilt

Size Men’s Kilts Women’s Kilts
Fits Waist* Length Fits Waist* Length
Small (S) 25-30″ 18″ 25-30″ 18″
Medium (M) 27-33″ 20″ 27-33″ 18″
Mens Medium Long (ML) 27-33″ 22.5″
Large (L) 34-38″ 22.5″ 34-38″ 18″
Extra Large (XL) 39-46″ 22.5″ 39-46″ 18″
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 47-54″ 22.5″

How to Measure custom kilt Jacket:

Kilt jackets such as Prince Charlie, Argyll, etc are slightly different from other jackets and tuxedos which is why you should take measurements when ordering to avoid any inconvenience.

What you need to measure?

We need following measurements to make your jacket:

1- Your shoulder size.

2- Your chest size.

3- Your waist size.

4- Sleeves length.

5- Back length.

It is good to take measurements while wearing the shirt that you’ll pair with that jacket: Keep your posture relaxed and you need to ask someone to help you measure yourself.

1- Shoulders to shoulders:

Firstly take neck size but circling the tape around your neck. Next put on fitted jacket and place tape from one shoulder till the end of other shoulder while standing erect.

2- Chest:

For this you’ve lift your arms and put the tape around your chest at the broadest part. Do not hold in your breathe and put your arm down and then mark your chest size.

3- Waist:

Just like for kilt, put the tape around your waist (above naval) and measure it loosely for comfort and to keep room for vest that is slightly fitted cut at the waist than jacket.

 4- Sleeves length:

Either put a fitted jacket first to do this or if you don’t have even, then it’s fine too. Put the measuring tape from starting point of shoulder seam (part where sleeves or your bicep is attached to the shoulder) till the end of your wrists or jacket’s cuff. Remember that 1/4″ to 1/2″ of your inner shirt sleeve should be visible under your kilt jacket cuffs.

5- Back length:

This refers to the length between collar and waist so simply ask your partner to measure it from back for you.

                     Jacket Size Guide

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