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Adjustable Kilts For...

This military style inspired camouflage kilt is not only adjustable but conventional also. It has forest camo design with dark & light brown, khaki and green patches. It is tailored in poly-cotton blended fabric and neatly stitched twice which makes it breathable, durable and extremely comfortable to wear in any situation or season. Rust free brass studs and snap tab closure are provided while the back is covered with sharp pleats to offer full swings when one move. Two medium-sized cargo pockets are sewn on the front. It is made to measure and customizable kilt.

$62.99 Price

Survival Desert Camo Kilt

Stay cool and calm in the harsh weather and rough situation with this deluxe camo kilt which has all you need in tough outwear. It is best for both adventurous men and women. It is fabricated in poly-cotton blended cloth with dark brown and khaki dotted camouflage pattern while stitched finely inside out to make it long-lasting and comfortable. The sharp pleats that start from the sides and cover the entire back provide maximum flexibility and flattering look from every angle. Three cargo pockets are added to complete its design and offer convenience. It is made to measure and customizable.
$73.00 Price

Woodland Army Camo Kilt

As the names say this kilt is inspired by the army tactic of camouflaging in woods or forests. It has darker patches of brown & green color along with black and khaki just like woodlands. It is tailored in breathable and heavy drill poly-cotton fabric for a durable and comfortable wear. The front apron is plain but has snap tab closure with brass studs while its back and sides feature large number of well-sewn knife pleats for easy mobility. Other characteristics include adjustable straps and two spacious cargo pockets on either side for convenience. It is made to measure and customizable.

$81.00 Price

Black Urban Camo Prime...

A deluxe kilt which is both hybrid of colors and designs with conventional touch. It is inspired from camouflage print of Urban police uniform and is the best outfit to stay distinguished and classy among the crowd. It is fabricated in poly-cotton mixed fabric for durability while neat double stitching and well-sewn knife pleating make it flattering and comfortable to wear at the same time. Only the front is camo cloth (black, grey & white) and the rest is crafted in black color. This kilt also features rust-free brass studs & rings with two large cargo pockets on either side.
$90.00 Price

US Army Camo Kilt

This stylish kilt is inspired by camouflage print of the US army. Best to excite your outfit with this kilt in parties and rock events. It is entirely crafted in the durable mixture of cotton and polyester fabric. The print consists of dark brown, green, yellow and black hues. Double stitching with chrome thread is done on the front apron while a good number of pleats are sewn on the back for flexibility and comfort. It features snap tab closure and two large side cargo pockets to hold things. It is made to measure and customizable.
$85.00 Price

Urban Camo Police Kilt

This utility kilt is inspired by the camouflage design of urban police uniform. Unlike the military, this one has different camo print that consists of black, grey and white hues. Best to match with black shirts and can be worn casually. It is tailored in durable poly-cotton fabric with neat double stitching. Well-sewn knife pleating is done to ensure comfort while moving and offers full swinging of the kilt. It has two large cargo pockets sewn on the front apron and a small one behind apron for utmost convenience. It also features snap tabs closure and rust-free studs.
$68.00 Price

Working Men Camo Kilt

This kilt is specially designed for working men so it's simple but with eye-catching camouflage print. Also best for adventure loving men. It is breathable, durable and extremely comfortable to wear in any weather because Poly-cotton blended fabric is used to make it while double stitching with the contrasting thread is don throughout it. The front is plain and followed by a large number of knife pleats at the sides and back which offer full swinging. These are adjustable with leather straps. It also features detachable and spacious cargo pockets on either side. It is made to measure kilt.

$64.99 Price

Detachable Pockets Camo Kilt

This is another conventional kilt with attention-catcher camouflage print. Aside from it, a set of detachable pockets is its standout feature. Best for adventure lovers. It is tailored in poly-cotton mixture to make it both durable and crease free. The camo-print consists of various brown and green shades resembling woodlands. Well-sewn pleated back and sides provide maximum flexibility and are adjustable as well while side spacious cargo pockets (which are also detachable) is an accommodating feature of this kilt. Strap this on if you're a travel enthusiast. It is completely made to measure and customizable.

$65.99 Price

Combat Warrior Kilt

This combat kilt has a blended print with dotted green, yellow, khaki and brown colors thus creating an appealing camouflage shade. It is best to wear for day activities & adventures such as biking, hiking etc. It is made in heavy drill poly-cotton mixed fabric and finely stitched on both sides to make it long-lasting. It has traditional plain front apron with well sewn & sharply pleated back to give you fabulous fit & flexibility for ease and comfort. It is provided with adjustable straps and two spacious & large cargo pockets that can hold number of things. It is made to measure.
$70.99 Price


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