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Being the most appreciated apparel for gaming and traditional outfits in Scottish and Irish highlands, Kilt is a smart choice for men while dressing for the aforementioned occasions in their cultural territories. It creates a unique and distinguished manly look which reflects historical dress code for brave men and leaders of clans. Modern kilts for men are actually the lower half of complete kilt dress originated in western highlands centuries ago. This is, however, the trendiest thing in western men’s fashion of 21st century. Men kilts are paired up with matching polo shirts, jackets, blazers or suits and are accented with sporrans and other kilt accessories to pull off a compelling look.
We are offering the latest collection of a vast variety of these men’s kilts for sale cheap. Following kilts for men (listed below) are some of our best kilts for sale which are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted in premium quality fabrics by our skilled tailors.
Irish Kilts for Men
Made to meet the standards of the latest trends, this black fashion men Irish kilt is simple yet classic, although this kilt can be ordered into many other colors as well. It is pleated well enough for full swings and made of 100% pure quality & heavy duty cotton fabric to ensure durability throughout your rough day at work. It features black leather straps, buckle closure at right side and convenient pockets for your ease.
Men’s Utility Kilts:
Keep the winter coldness at bay with this men utility kilt which is specifically made long in length for casual wear in the fall season. It is tailored in 100% pure and best quality cotton fabric of plain black color with well-sewn pleats. However it can also be made to custom order in other sizes and colors such as brown, khaki, blue, green etc. Belted style buckle at the right side, leather straps and a pocket for sake of keeping your precious stuff are its amazing features.
Christmas White Kilt:
Be it for a Christmas special look or noticeable appearance in the formal events, this special white kilt is a highly recommended way to go. It is expertly crafted with premium quality cotton fabric with a traditional white apron front and well-sewn pleating to offer full swings are done at the back side. It is available in black, khaki and many other colors but again white is best for Christmas Eve. Did we mention its two stylish cargo pockets at the back? It is quite comfy yet fashionable kilt for men and perfect wear for grand gatherings.
Men Fashion kilts:
Every fashion lover would like to have this rugged design denim kilt which clearly speaks “I’m the one for rough and tough”. It is made of best quality denim cloth while high-grade and neat double stitching is done throughout it. Regular box pleats and belts loops are sewn. A stylish cargo pocket with leather straps are its standout features. This kilt is available in both dark-washed shades of blue and black with different size custom options.
Tartan Hybrid Kilts:
Can’t decide between regular jeans and historical tartan kilt to wear? No worries because this hybrid kilt is the one for you. It is an amazing combo of denim exterior with tartan cloth along the pleats. We are offering both black and blue slightly washed effect denim with multiple tartan patterns for you to choose from. Pleats are sewn well for full swings to let you move freely in your casual manner. And definitely, it has belt loops and a pocket for your convenience.
Black Leather Kilt:
Stand out in the crowd with this alluring black leather kilt which is crafted in genuine leather and pleats are well sewn at the back to ensure both durable and comfortable wear. The best part is that you can adjust it with its adjustable belt straps and chrome buckle closure at the right side. Two spacious pockets on each side are provided to hold your valuable stuff safe. Rest assured, this is a long-lasting piece and the best kilt option to invest in.
Brown Leather Kilt:
Black kilt is another perfect option for leather fans to rock anywhere with a unique look. Durable combination of real cowhide and faux leather is used to manufacture it while regular pleats are provided at the back for a comfortable wear. Shiny texture and adjustable belt with buckle closure are the best features of this leather kilt. However, no pockets are provided as per design but we will love to fulfill any special request for a custom order of this kilt.
Gothic Kilt for Steampunk:
Make a head-turning fashion statement with this Steampunk kilt designed in a famous goth style. It will distinguish you from typical nerds with its bolder black color, rust-free chains and studs. As for your concern about quality, it is finely stitched in premium standard & heavy duty fabric for utmost comfort and durability. The uniqueness of this gothic kilt lies in the removable chain pockets and large D shape rings along with chains which rest on the front apron, so you can attach/detach whenever you want to pull off the new look. We are also offering other color hybrids with black such as blue and yellow with this chain style apron fronts.
Tactical Kilt:
Planning to go hiking mountains or fishing? A comfy yet durable tactical kilt will be your smart choice for such adventure outfits. This design was developed keeping you in mind as you see it is a fantastic hybrid of leather apron front & cotton fabric back which is pleated for full swings and is adjustable with buckle straps. Two color combinations easily catches onlookers attention while rust free rings & studs and two convenient pockets add more value to the crafting of this kilt.
Camo Kilt:
Camouflage print was once used to hide but now it is not limited to it only. Instead, you can opt for this attention chaser garment as casual wear or desert outfit. It is thoughtfully designed and crafted in best quality poly-cotton blend fabric with desert camo print and has both inner and outer pleats. Convenient pockets on both sides are provided to keep your valuable things safe. We have a wide range of other camouflage printed kilts such as woodland camo kilt, US army camo kilt and many more in our online shop.
Our kilt collection is not limited to these only. We have an impressive range of kilts related to all categories such as utility kilts, Hybrid kilts, Tartan kilts, leather kilts, hybrid, camo hybrid, denim, tactical kilts, firefighter and working men and women kilts. Just scroll through our kilts section, choose the one you love, order by customizing size, print & design and wait for us to deliver our best kilt services at your doorstep.

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