How can I pay?

Super Kilts accepts PayPal and Stripe as its payment modes which accepts all payments under their Secured Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. Once your order is placed then PayPal or Stripe decode and process your Order to our site. PayPal and Stripe are some of the most trusted Payment gateways available out there. 

What’s time period for Delivery of the Orders?

All the items listed on Super Kilts are custom made and it takes around 5 to 7 business days to manufacture an order depending on quantity. We ship the product right after its manufacturing. In Gross it will take 7 to 10 business days from the date of ordering to have your product at your doorsteps. The time may vary in some circumstances.

 Are your Measurements Guides Accurate?

Yes, all the measurement guides attached with Product descriptions are 100% accurate and the method of measuring is also explained to help you out. You can surely rely on our measurement guides to get yourself measured.

 Do you offer customized Kilts?

Yes we do offer custom Kilts so if you have any design for any branded Kilt you want to get it in reasonable prices then YES we can create it for you.

 Do you offer customization in Kilts?

Yes, all type and kind of customization is offered at Superkilts. You can request each and everything on your Kilt to be customized. Just make sure to contact us before placing your order, our operator will guide you through all the process.

What’s the Standard Kilt length Size for Men?

The Standard Length for kilt will be till your knee cap either it is 20” or 24”. However, it may vary person to person because of height of the person. Generally, a kilt’s end point should touch the upper side of your Knee cap will be the standard size for a kilt. Our regular kilt length is 24” but it can be adjusted upon request.

 Do You Sell Additional aprons with Kilts?

Yes, if you require different style of apron for your single Kilt then we can provide you that too even some duplicate apron to be used with your same kilt.

 What if added wrong information mistakenly while ordering?

If you think you have measured yourself wrongly or mistakenly added wrong data then you are welcome to contact us anytime you want before your order is dispatched. For checking the status of your order you may you use Track Order feature of Super Kilts.

 Is Super Kilts a Secure Website to Order?

We uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which provide end-to-end encryption to our customers which means your data is completely secure while adding it on our website. Furthermore, payment will be made through PayPal and Stripe which are best and secure payment solution.

 How can I contact Super Kilts for any Information?

You can contact us any time using Contact US form or mail us at [email protected] as we are always ready to you our customers.