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Premium Firefighter Utility...

Premium Firefighter Utility Kilt Super stylish utility kilt with premium design to reflect firefighter theme. Best for firefighters as well as other men for an eye-catching work outfit for rough & tough jobs. This kilt is made in 100% cotton with high-grade stitching. It is both FR treated and stain resistant. The front apron is outlined with high-visibility light reflector followed by well sewn sharp pleats at the back for ease & comfort. It also features adjustable straps for buckling, rust free studs & rings and two large cargo pockets to carry things safely. Made to measure kilt with size and colors customizable in 7 different shades.
$75.99 Price

Customized Fire Fighter Kilt

Customized Fire Fighter Kilt It is a traditional style of kilt twisted with modern day needs. Best for firefighters and other men with similar tough jobs. It is made in beige cotton which is 100% pure & breathable fabric and neatly double stitched to ensure its durable and comfortable wear. It has sharp knife pleats that fall down beautifully at the back offering full swing of kilt when one moves. The front apron is plain but side lined with Neon colored High-visibility light reflector tape. It also features adjustable straps, wide belt loops, rust free metals studs and two large cargo pockets for convenience. This is size, color and tape customizable firefighter kilt.
$63.99 Price

Firefighter Kilt For Men

Firefighter Kilt For Men This Khaki utility kilt is ideal traditional wear to stay cool for firefighters and other men that have similar tough jobs. It is made of durable cotton fabric which is 100% pure and heavy drill for comfort. The front apron features Neon high-visibility light reflector and rust-free chrome studs. Sharp knife pleating is done at the back for maximum flexibility and ease. They are adjustable via straps and snap tab closure. Two cargo pockets with identical tape and studs are sewn at one side to offer convenience. Available in 7 different colors.
$65.99 Price

Firefighter Kilt for Men

This utility is designed for firefighters but can be worn by men with tough jobs as well because it has long-lasting fabrication and extremely comfortable to wear. It is made in blended fabric of 80%cotton and 20 % polyester to make it crease free. It is also FR treated and is stain resistant. The front apron is chrome studded and sidelined with a neon light reflector to make it visible at night while a large number of spacious box pleats are sewn at the back for maximum flexibility. These pleats are adjustable via two straps. It also features two side cargo pockets with two compartments in each.
$70.99 Price

Fireman Turnout Firefighter...

Orange is the new black like this super utility kilt which is ideal for firemen or firefighters. It is stylish and comfortable for summer wear with its light weight and long-lasting fabrication. It is tailored in a premium quality blended cotton and polyester fabric to make it wrinkle free. It is FR treated kilt to make it safe fabric for fire. It also features sharp pleating that falls down on the sides and back while the front is side-lined with orange high-visibility light-reflector tape. It has adjustable straps and two side cargo pockets for convenience. Made to measure and customizable kilt.
$70.99 Price

Firefighter Turnout Firemen...

This red kilt with blue cross design is made to reflect fire and water theme. It is not only best for firefighters but also fit for men with tough and rough jobs. To keep them cool, this is crafted using cotton fabric which is blended with polyester for crease free look. Neat double stitching and well sewn pleating cover its sides and back while the front apron has two blue visibility tapes sewn in "X-cross" fashion. Pleats are adjustable via two straps on buckle side. It is both color and size customizable since we make to measure each kilt.
$69.99 Price


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