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Prince Charlie jacket with...

Most formal and royal-themed kilt jacket with matching vest which is suitable for highlander dressing in formal and semi-formal events. It is crafted in fine Serge wool of classic black color. It is furnished with thistle chrome buttons that are scattered on the front, sleeves, shoulders, and tails of the back. The jacket is internally lined with satin and also features satin lapels and epaulets. Its crail cuff sleeves are adorned with buttons as well and conventional pockets are also added. The matching vest with PC jacket is fabricated in the same manner & materials and has five similar buttons for fastening. Made to measure and customizable.
$149.99 Price

Black Doublet Piper Jacket

A black doublet with white piping can be your perfect choice for regal & professional appearance in band performances. This piper jacket is specially patterned for drummers to wear with kilts. It is highly comfortable as 100% pure Serge/barathea wool and fine silk lining is used for crafting it. It has 2-inch stand up collar followed by white piping and eight thistle insignia buttons for front closure. The padded shoulders have stylish braided shells while sleeves are adorned with similar buttons and pipes & braids. It is made to measure for flawless fit and fully customizable from materials to sizing.
$149.99 Price

Argyle Charlie Economy Jacket

A multi-purpose & versatile kilt jacket that is suitable for both formal and semi-formal day wear. It is crafted in classic black color Serge which is premium quality worsted wool. Fine satin fabric is used for inner-lining and neat stitching is done to secure both inner & outer shells. Celtic symbolic chrome buttons are used for embellishing the front, shoulder straps and cuffs of sleeves. Argyle jacket also features standard notch collar, gauntlet cuffs and convenient flap & inner pockets. It is economic in price, completely made to measure and fully customizable.
$129.99 Price

Golden Hand Embroidered...

This classic black doublet with its fine texture and subtle artistic golden embroidery will make you feel one of the royals. An ideal outfit for civil men and drummers to wear in formal & special events. It is crafted in supreme Serge wool and internally lined with fine silk fabric to make it long lasting and comfortable. Golden metallic bullion design is hand embroidered on collar, chest, shoulders, and sleeves while 18 thistle insignia buttons are used to embellish the front. It has a 2-inched stand up collar, padded shoulder with straps & detachable shells, and beautifully embroidered cuffs. It is not only made to measure to give you perfect body fit but is also customizable.
$692.03 Price

Silver Hand Embroidered...

This is one of the luxury European dresses with a Royal theme and exotic embroidery. It is best for drummers as well as for civil men. This black doublet is tailored in premium Serge/barathea wool and lined internally with fine Silk fabric for comfort. It is adorned with eighteen thistle insignia buttons and hand embroidered with silver metallic bullion design that covers collar, front, shoulders and sleeves. It features standup collar, padded shoulder with decorated straps & detachable shells, and embroidered stylish cuffs. This Silver doublet jacket is completely made to order and can be customized for materials and sizes.

$784.30 Price

Prince Charlie Vest

Prince Charlie jackets are accompanied with matching vests and this three button style vest is one of these. It is crafted in the same black and premium serge wool. It has fine satin lining inside which is secured with high-grade stitching as well. Vests are worn slightly fit than the jackets. This PC waistcoat also features low cut neck design with satin lapels so you can wear neck-wears of your choice other than a tie, three chrome buttons with Celtic polishing on the front for fastening it and two convenient inner pockets. Made to measure and fully customizable.

$39.99 Price

Doublet Green Piper Jacket

This graceful green doublet with gold trim is best for drummers who want to slay their look and performance at the same time. We make it in premium quality Serge/ barathea wool and internally line with silk fabric for comfort and durability. This piper jacket also features stand up collar with golden pipe and eight fastening buttons on the front, detachable stylish shells & braided straps over both padded shoulders, and sleeves with matching gold decoration and buttons. It is made to measure for body fit and completely customizable if you want to change its color, material or other details.

$149.99 Price

Argyle Five Buttons Vest

Argyle jacket can be accompanied with the matching vest or waistcoat for more charming appearance in the formal events of daytime. This Argyle vest is made of same premium quality worsted wool namely Serge and lined with fine satin for utmost comfort and durability. Unlike its jacket, the vest should be worn slightly fit and front buttons should be fastened (well, it's matter of choice). It features V-neck with five chrome ornate buttons that are polished with Celtic symbol, and two convenient pockets on the front. It is made to measure and fully customizable.
$39.99 Price

Argyle Jacket with Vest for...

A complete Argyle set, comprising of stunning jacket and matching vest in eye-catching black color for men. It is best to wear on formal and semi-formal occasions. Both Jacket and vests are crafted with expertise in premium quality serge wool and lined with fine satin to make it timeless piece and comfortable wear. Argyle jacket features standard notch collar, gauntlet cuffs, four pockets and Celtic polished chrome ornate buttons which are embellished over jacket's front, shoulder straps and cuffs of sleeves. The vest has 5 similar buttons for front closure and cut slightly fit. These are made to measure and fully customizable.
$139.99 Price

Prince Charlie Jacket with...

A Victorian Era kilt jacket with a versatile and sleek theme. The style of the jacket differs with the matching vest such as this PC style features a stylish kilt jacket accompanied with a three button vest. Both of these are crafted in Black serge wool and inner-lined with satin. The jacket is adorned with catchy buttons on the front, shoulder, sleeves and tails of the back. The vest bears similar 3 buttons for front closure followed by a low cut neck. Satin lapels and epaulets, crail cuff sleeves and accommodating pockets are all the amazing features of this Prince Charlie jacket with vest.
$149.99 Price


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