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Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest
  • Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest
  • Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest
  • Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest
  • Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

It is the typical Argyle design with slight modification in theme and crafting. It is recommended for formal day events like wedding, graduation etc. This Argyle tweed set of jacket with vest is made in supreme quality tweed wool of charcoal black color and lined with black satin. To complete its dark theme, same chrome ornate buttons are used to adorn its front, cuffs and shoulder straps. The tweed vest has 5 chrome buttons for front closure. Gauntlet cuffs, stylish straps, standard notch collar and large number of inner & outer pockets are all the amazing features of this timeless highland outfit.
Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

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Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

Tweed being closely woven cloth is best known for the warmth so you’ll love the appealing comfort that comes with this Argyle Tweed Jacket with vest. It is mainly meant for day wear with its light tone and suitable for social gatherings, highland games or even casually to work place. It can be worn with any kind of tartan, white shirt & neck tie or cravat. The good thing is that you can also pair it with trews & trousers to get general look rather than traditional.


The exterior is made of Iconic tweed and satin is used for inner lining it. It has medium cut, neither too long to cover the kilt nor too short. It has standard collar with matching bone buttons which are used to decorate the front flaps, cuffs of sleeves & shoulders. It also features Gauntlet cuffs, thick & sturdier braided straps on shoulders, air vents, and convenient pockets.


It has tweed front & full satin back. Let’s not forget the peeked bottom with an adjustable rear cinch belt for flattering fit. 5 similar buttons sit at the front for closure along two jet pockets.

Both of these are crafted in a traditional touch and are customizable & made to measure.

In a Nut Shell:

Style: Argyll/Argyle Tweed

Category: Highland dresses

Color: Light worsted

Type: Semi-formal, day wear

Lining: Shiny

Exterior: 100% tweed

Interior: poly-satin fabric

Buttons: 16, chrome/bone

Vest Front: Tweed

Vest Back: Poly-Satin fabric

Buttons: 5 Chrome/ thistle insignia/bone

Pockets: 2 inner & 2 outer
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