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Special Great Kilt for Victory


Special Great Kilt for Victory This is truly a great kilt to celebrate victories. It is suitable for hard-working guys as well as makes an eye-catching outfit to wear in sports events, shows, parties etc. This brown kilt is crafted in 100% pure cotton with heavy and long-lasting fabric. It features neat double stitching with contrasting thread. The front apron bears chrome studs that are arranged in "V-fashion" reflecting victory theme. Sharp and distinct pleating is sewn down the length which is adjustable with straps. It also features two large cargo pockets on both sides and a flap one at the back. Customizable for size, color and button material.

Special Great Kilt for Victory

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Special Great Kilt for Victory

This is a conventional utility kilt but what makes it great is the V-style studded front that symbolizes ‘victory’. It can be your casual kilt for daily wear instead of regular pants or can be your special outfit in parties, shows, night outs, celebrations, etc. You can wear it with Jacobite shirt, flannel shirt or any of your favorite shirts along with boots (not necessary)  depending on the occasion and how you want to style it.

Front & Back:

It is made in 100% pure cotton with heavy drill fabric so it will stay cool and crease free for long. The front is adorned with chrome studs and a snap tab closure while the back is sewn into large number of pleats that fall till end with sharp edges and features two adjustable straps. It has fine double stitching done with contrasting thread over all. Two cargo pockets on each side compliment its design. It should fall over your knees or lower when sized correctly.


  • Special victory themed utility kilt.

  • 100% cotton made for comfortable wear.

  • Finely double stitched for durability.

  • Well sewn pleated back and sides to give it maximum flexibility.

  • Plain front with snap tab closure for ease.

  • Rust free chrome studded item.

  • Two adjustable straps with buckles & large belt loops.

  • Two stylish and spacious pockets to carry number of things with ease.

  • Made to measure and fully customizable kilt.

Sep 9, 2020

Awesome purchase

Charles –
Find it better than my expectations online.

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Sep 9, 2020

looks just like the picure.

This is an excellent Quality kilt, especially for this price and material.

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Sep 9, 2020

A nice kilt

Ordered this great kilt and within five days of ordering, the product was shipped and delivered. super satisfied with the quality of the material and craftsmanship absolutely love this super product.

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