Black Horse Hair Sporran

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A traditional look of kilt outfit can only be achieved when the right sporran is chosen. Try this all black color sporran for both light & dark shaded kilts. It is made in real black horse hair while its interior is of best-quality cow hide leather for extra durability. It has two dangling tassels in white color to lighten its design but the Cantle top with Celtic insignia is still carved in black polished metal. It is tied with the help of two provided leather straps and black chains. Choose your desired size and let us make one for you.

Black Horse Hair Sporran

Sporrans are necessary for every Highlander’s dress, especially with tartan kilts. This is not because they are pocket less but actually sporrans give them a complementary look. Horse hair sporrans are also referred as military or piper sporrans as they are essential part of their band uniforms. However the modern fashion allows one to pair these sporrans with very formal event attires.

Check out features of this classic black horse hair one.


The front part consists of hair that are obtained from horse under strict quality control while the back is crafted in real black leather (cowhide) to give it hard exterior, making it strong in the process. Similar belt with a chain is provided.

The exclusively designed Cantle at the top bears Celtic insignia and is chrome made with shiny black polish.


Black hair front features two white haired long metal tassels, making it an alluring design.

Black Cantle top is rust free along with a chain.

It is large enough to carry a good number of things such as cell phone, wallet, keys, etc and you can customize its size for capacity. 

It is adjustable with two leather-chained straps provided with it.


The right way to wear sporran is that it falls over groin of the wearer. It’s appropriate to tie it about 3 fingers below belt buckle over kilt.

In a Nutshell:

  • Attractive horse hair sporran with Celtic insignia.
  • Contrasting black and white hair combo.
  • Superior quality horse hair front.
  • Durable Real leather back.
  • Black polished designer chrome Cantle.
  • Securing leather & chain belt.
  • Made to order and Size customizable.
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