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Leather can excite any kind of outfit, making one to appear more bold, confident and charismatic. Men and women love it equally, which inspired kilts making and so they are also now being crafted in leather to produce a range of best durable and tactical kilts fit for the winter season.

It’s not all odd now to wear kilts at the workplace, in fact, it actually adds more convenience and comfort in cold weather.

Our Craftsmen at Superkilts have tailored these traditional Scottish apparels in both genuine & synthetic cowhide and lambskin which are of superior quality leather. Be it casual or fancy, each of these leather kilts is unique in design to pull off a new style thanks to the well-sewn sharp pleating (box, regular etc) all along the length for a creative look. Also, these pleats are easily adjustable via leather straps with buckle closure. Most of these modern day kilts are gladiator or warrior style. You should choose simple leather kilt if you intend to make it casual and working place attire. However, those with chains and fancy studs can be your perfect choice for parties and formal events. No pockets are included in design but we would love to fulfill any of your custom request order.

 These leather kilts are made to measure and fully customizable. Choose the one you like in this category and fill customization form accurately before clicking order. You can opt for either hip size or knee size, whatever length you want and design you like. We will deliver your desired kilt at your doorstep within 10-15 days.

1- Traditional Leather Kilt:

The traditional leather kilt is simple yet stunning with its classic black crafting. You can strap this on for evening events, night outs as well as pair it with your working day attire. This is a timeless piece with a long-lasting feature as it is tailored in high-grade leather cow-hide while multi-pleats are sewn at the back with double stitching to secure both inner and outer shell. Adjustable straps are provided with buckles on either side. This leather kilt is made to order and will be shipped in 10-15 days after the order is placed.

Product features:

  • Simply classic leather kilt.
  • Durable crafting in black cowhide.
  • Well-sewn pleats and double stitching.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Made to order & fully customizable.


2- Brown Leather Kilt:

Don, this elegant kilt to make a head-turning statement which is made in the warmest shade of brown leather exclusively for the fall season. Best to wear in day events be it sports or fashion parties including formal gatherings. It is skillfully crafted in genuine leather (cowhide) to ensure durable and comfortable wear and that too with style as spacious box pleats are sewn all along the length of the kilt and unique belt style strap with rust-free metals on the right side are added to complete its complimentary design. It is also customizable and we highly recommend to fill your sizing details accurately to get the perfect made to order kilt.

Product features:

  • Stylish brown kilt with eye-catching design.
  • Premium quality crafting in Real cowhide.
  • Box pleating on the back.
  • Unique belt style strap for buckling.
  • Rust free metals and tan stitching.

3- Gladiator Warrior Leather Kilt:

This gladiator warrior kilt is slightly different from traditional kilt as it is inspired by Gladiator’s attire in the Roman era. This is suitable for sports events in highlands or you can sport this as a fancy outfit in the formal gatherings. Premium quality black leather is used to craft this kilt while unique wide pleats are sewn at the back which blends at the front apron also unlike other regular kilts. This is not it, because the front is further embellished with fancy rust-free studs on two adjustable straps making it more Choose the right options while customizing this made to order leather kilt.

Product features:

  • Warrior style bold black kilt.
  • Supreme quality leather crafting.
  • Distinctive wide pleats on back and front.
  • Adjustable straps and durable & double stitching.
  • Fancy silver studs on front.


4- Premium Leather Kilt:

Fashion with comfort defines best the design of this premium kilt.

It is tailored using superior quality leather in eye-catching black color and pleated traditionally at the back with plain front apron. It is adjustable via straps and buckles at either side. The best part about is the convenience that comes with this leather kilt as it has two cargo pockets on both sides to keep your precious things safe in place. So these features mark it as best casual kilt with a premium experience. You can customize its length and design as it is made to order.

Product features:

  • Best casual kilt with premium quality.
  • Durable crafting in black leather.
  • Well sewn pleating for full swings.
  • Adjustable leather straps.
  • Two convenient cargo pockets on either side.

5- Best Quality Genuine Modern Leather Kilt:

A kilt that will distinguish you from nerds and spice up your outfit is known as modern leather kilt. This is suitable for fancy style and night outs. Striking black genuine leather (cow-hide) of premium quality is used to fabricate this but you can customize color according to your preferences. Neat double stitching is done throughout the entire piece to make it long-lasting piece.  It has the most unique pleat style to offer as pleats are sewn, each of which is then cut separately to fall on knees like waistband straps. You don’t need a belt as this kilt design is already complimented with belt style waist for adjusting it. This kilt is made to order and customizable into many other colors and lengths.

Product features:

  • Unique fancy style kilt for a charming appearance.
  • Real leather crafting for durable wear.
  • Distinctive pleating and double stitching.
  • Adjustable via belt style strap.
  • Made to order and fully customizable kilt.

6- Mini Gladiator Leather Kilt with Studs

This mini gladiator leather kilt is not only best for those fighter men who participate in highland games but is suitable who like to steal the show with unique style. It is made of Real cowhide to ensure durability while well-sewn knife pleats at the back for full swings will make sure you can move freely. These pleats are adjustable via dual belts for buckle at the side. Moreover, it is double stitched to secure it well. The eye-catching thing about the design of kilt is its decoration with triple rows of metallic studs that promise to never rust. This is made to measure so feel free to order one of this best kilt with accurate customization details.

Product features:

  • Gladiator’s attire inspired fancy kilt
  • Real cowhide crafting for durability.
  • Knife pleating with double stitching.
  • Adjustable dual belt straps.
  • Belt-band embellished with rust-free metallic studs.
  • Made to measure kilt.