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Prince Charlie jacket with...

Most formal and royal-themed kilt jacket with matching vest which is suitable for highlander dressing in formal and semi-formal events. It is crafted in fine Serge wool of classic black color. It is furnished with thistle chrome buttons that are scattered on the front, sleeves, shoulders, and tails of the back. The jacket is internally lined with satin and also features satin lapels and epaulets. Its crail cuff sleeves are adorned with buttons as well and conventional pockets are also added. The matching vest with PC jacket is fabricated in the same manner & materials and has five similar buttons for fastening. Made to measure and customizable.
$149.99 Price

Prince Charlie Vest

Prince Charlie jackets are accompanied with matching vests and this three button style vest is one of these. It is crafted in the same black and premium serge wool. It has fine satin lining inside which is secured with high-grade stitching as well. Vests are worn slightly fit than the jackets. This PC waistcoat also features low cut neck design with satin lapels so you can wear neck-wears of your choice other than a tie, three chrome buttons with Celtic polishing on the front for fastening it and two convenient inner pockets. Made to measure and fully customizable.

$39.99 Price

Prince Charlie Jacket with...

A Victorian Era kilt jacket with a versatile and sleek theme. The style of the jacket differs with the matching vest such as this PC style features a stylish kilt jacket accompanied with a three button vest. Both of these are crafted in Black serge wool and inner-lined with satin. The jacket is adorned with catchy buttons on the front, shoulder, sleeves and tails of the back. The vest bears similar 3 buttons for front closure followed by a low cut neck. Satin lapels and epaulets, crail cuff sleeves and accommodating pockets are all the amazing features of this Prince Charlie jacket with vest.
$149.99 Price

Prince Charlie Five Buttons...

Pc Jacket with five button vest is the best one in the trends among traditional highland dresses for formal wear. Unlike the three-button vest, this PC vest doesn't feature low cut with lapels for neckwear. However, it has its own grace with standard neck cut for bow or ruched tie and five buttons on the front closure. These buttons are made of chrome and bear Celtic symbols. The vest is also crafted in premium serge wool and internally lined with fine satin fabric. It has two convenient front pockets also. Made to measure & fully customizable.
$59.99 Price


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