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Utility Kilts

Utility Kilt Shop

“Superkilts” is your one-stop shop for all Scottish and Irish traditional kilts fashion. However, particularly for custom made kilts, you’re at the right place where you can choose any design from our wide variety and customize its details to get your perfect order or screen accurate kilt at your doorstep. The best part about this utility kilt shop is the reasonable price for these kilts with enticing features. Did we mention our seasonal sale offers?

 We are featuring an excellent collection in each kilt category for both men and women to meet the preferences of everyone. Our men’s kilt category includes utility, camouflage, hybrid, sports, tartan, work, leather, adjustable and firefighter kilts. We have a nice collection for women as well such as fashion kilts, hybrid, denim, tartan, utility and leather kilts. As for your concern about quality, materials used for crafting are durable, stitching is neat and comfortable, metals for embellishing are rust free while designs are convenient & eye-catching to ensure our high-standard kilt making art.

Be it choice of color combination or sizing chart, all details and options are user-friendly provided in our customization form with every kilt to guide you for customizing your chosen kilt in order to avoid any hassle. We ship and deliver within 10-15 days, however, rush delivery is also available for extra convenience. We are available 24/7 and there is 100% money back guarantees so don’t hesitate to try our superior kilt service as customer’s satisfaction is reality and priority of Superkilts.

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Utility Kilts Sporrans

Kilt Sporrans

To compliment your perfect traditional Scottish and Irish attire, Sporrans are must-have formal accessories for kilts and fancy kilt outfits such to don kilts along with kilt jackets. We are delighted to feature a wide range of economic, fancy and premium kilt sporrans in our store for everyone to sport their traditional pride. Have a look at our Black Celtic cantle, Embossed leather, patterned, and handmade sporrans. Kilts like tartan ones are not provided with any pocket so wearing sporrans which are leather or fur pouches, serve the purpose of convenience. Real leather is used for embossed ones while the majority of Celtic category consists of fine horse hair or rabbit fur crafting. Provided leather straps and chains are used for securing and positioning it around the groin of the wearer. These also bear embroidered Scottish symbols and patterns to add more formal addition to one’s appearance and offers convenience by keeping wallet, mobile, keys and other handy stuff safe and in place. Feel free to order these timeless pieces along with kilts which are available at quite a reasonable price. You can place your order with a few simple clicks and the rest is up to us. Your chosen screen-accurate sporran will be delivered within 10-15 days. We entertain rush deliveries as well and are available 24/7 for consumer support.

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Prince Charlie Kilt Jackets

Kilt Jackets

“Superkilts” takes pride in presenting its high-grade replicated collection of kilts jackets which are inspired by traditional Scottish style. Kilts jacket outfit is the most appreciated one to dress in among Scottish and Irish people for formal events such as reunion, parties, dinners, and weddings. If you’re one of those who love to add this staple to wardrobe, then you’ve unlocked one of the best kilt stores where you will have the best one with a reasonable price. Our collection features all the latest traditionally inspired jackets with vests for all types such as Prince Charlie jacket, Montrose jacket, Argyle jackets, Sherrifmuir jacket, and Piper doublets. Premium quality serge wool, velvet, and fine silk fabric are utilized for crafting and lining both inner and outer materials for durability along with comfortable wear. Neat and double stitching ensures our high-standard kilt making. These jackets are embellished with sharp thistle ornate buttons of chrome or silver and decorated with braided satin straps & epaulets on either shoulder or crail cuff sleeve to enhance the graceful and royal appearance of each of these. Vests are also tailored as per design with jackets. You can opt to buy both or any one of it. These jackets and vests are customizable so you get it the way you want. Choose and click your favorite one to order. You will find all the sizing details and guidance in the listed options for custom order with each jacket. Fill it with accurate details carefully and choose your payment option to place order. We will make to measure your jacket keeping all your custom details in mind to avoid any inconvenience for you and ship it within 10-15 days to deliver it at your doorstep. Rush delivery is also available.

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Custom Made Kilts

Custom Made Kilts & Accessories

Not just kilts, we've got everything such as kilt accessories, gillie shirts, and more, that you may need for a graceful appearance in traditional Highland dress.

If you want to perfectly accent your kilt outfit be it Scottish, Irish or Welsh in style, a set of essential kilt accessories is must have in your collection to keep your kilt in place and jacket an eye-catching at the same time. These accessories vary in their use and designs for informal & formal attires. "Superkilts" is offering a high-standard range of kilt accessories such as fly plaid brooches with a number of gems, fancy & casual kilt belts, and buckles, silver & historical kilt pins and much more. Browse through our wide category of kilt accessories to find suitable ones for your kilts. Some of these are also customizable to meet the preferences of customers.

Another staple unit wear is a gillie shirt, often called as Jacobean or Jacobite since these are traditional shirts with Criss-cross leather cord for neck design. Check out our gillie shirts collection as well to get a matching one for yourself as they are usually worn with kilts and really pull a "classy informal" look.

We will be soon showcasing a range of musical instruments that are being used during highland celebrations and traditional festivities. So, don't forget to subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with the latest catalog addition, hot seasonal sales and fashion blog posts on Superkilts.

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“Superkilts”, A trusted choice for an ultimate shopping experience.

In this era of online shopping, Superkilts is delighted to take kilt making and shopping to next level by presenting its own inspired range of these historical apparels. Be it your need to buy traditional Scottish, Irish or Welsh attire for playing highland games, to attend formal events & celebrations or want it just as casual wear for an adventurous life, our expert kilt makers have got every style to suit your likes and preferences. Ancient tartan kilts have been now replaced by modern-day kilts and evolved into many more categories. We’re offering a wide range of categories and sub-categories of kilts for both men and women in our online store. You’re just a few clicks away to explore them.

1- Kilts for men & women:

In our kilts collection for men, you’ll find utility kilts for everyday wear, camouflage one for adventure, hybrid ones for dual style, Sport & work kilts for casual, Tartan kilts for traditional pride, leather kilts for a classical look and firefighter kilts for an eye-catching appearance. As kilts are now not restricted to men only and women have also got a nice share which is why we are also featuring kilts category for women that splits into more options such as leather kilts, denim, hybrid, tartan, fashion, and utility kilts.

We use premium quality material be it leather, wool or cotton for crafting and do high-class stitching to ensure durability and comfortable wear, no matter where you sport these kilts. Other features such as pleats, pockets, buttons & chains are all well sewn and embellished in a unique fashion.

All these categories further showcase a number of unique and appealing kilt designs infused with the latest fashion trends. Also, we add more of the latest designs consistently to keep our online catalog up to date.

 a- Made to measure & customizable kilts:

We make to order kilts based on the provided body measurements and craft each with utmost attention given to even minor details in the customization guide. So, At Superkilts, you have the freedom to edit existing designs by customizing colors, contrasts, sizes and other details of the kilt you want to buy. However, make sure to fill up accurate size details and custom guide while ordering to avoid any hassle. We ship within 2-3 weeks. If you feel like any feature is missing in custom form, then we did love to hear your suggestions about it.

❏   Sizing guide:

★    Custom size: Kilts tailored based on any measurements given by you.

★    Ready-made: This refers to standard kilts that are available in stock and are ready made. Sizes range from Extra-small (XS) to 4 Extra Large (4XL) to suit every body type.

 ❏   Delivery types:

★    Normal: This takes up to 2-3 weeks (10-15 days) for crafting and shipping your order.

★    Rush: This takes up to 1-2 weeks (8-10 days) for crafting and shipping at the cost of additional charges of 25$.

How to order:

➔   Choose any kilt showcased in our collection.

➔   Take your body measurements correctly.

➔   Customize by filling size details and color of your choice in the given form beside the chosen kilt.

➔   Choose quantity and add to cart or checkout with PayPal.

➔   We will make to measure and ship within a given time period depending on your order type.


Another major kilt section is our category of Kilt Jackets, where we have added the best-inspired jackets to help you get the perfect traditional outfit for formal occasions such as a wedding, formal dinners, parties, reunions etc. Be it a day, evening or night event, multiple options are there to choose the suitable one. Have a tour of our collection that features Prince Charlie inspired jackets & vests, Sherifmuir Pride, Montrose velvet, and Piper doublets. All of these are tailored using supreme serge wool or velvet. Silk lining and embellishment with sharp diamond thistle buttons ensure quality and grace.

Prices are quite reasonable and crafting is premium, so you’re in the right place to shop one of the best jackets. These are fully customizable as we also make to order these for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.


Sporrans are extraordinary pockets for convenience in a unique way which is why they are must have for a flawless cultural look. They are often worn with tartan and hybrid kilts though you can style it with anyone, so don’t forget to buy one as you shop your favorite kilt. Already have one? Then buy matching accessories to give a fresh breath to your kilt outfit. Check our exclusively designed and handmade kilt sporrans. Made of fine horse hair, rabbit fur, and real leather, our collection is both premiums in quality and economical in price. Check our Cantle Celtic and patterned Embossed ones for both fancy and casual attire.


No style is complimentary without accessories and so kilts outfit have also got its own set of accessories for convenience and catching onlooker’s attention. Superkilts have the coolest collection of kilt accessories to offer such as tarnish-free silver kilt pins for the kilt’s bottom to secure it from falling & opening, signature fly plaid brooches with your desired gem to wear on the shoulder, Scottish kilt belts, buckles and much more.

 Also, we add more of the latest kilt designs & accessories consistently to keep our online catalog up to date.

 Why choose us?

There’re a number of kilt websites offering their own special kilts and competing in this fashion, but what makes Superkilts worthy of your choice is these stand out features at one place.

★    One stop shop for all Scottish, Irish & Welsh traditional apparels and accessories at reasonable prices.

★    A vast inspired collection of fashionable kilts for both men and women, kilt jackets for men, unique kilt sporrans & kilt accessories.

★    High standard crafting & embellishing material and high-grade stitching from our skilled kilt makers.

★    Every kilt outfit is made to order and so can be customized as per one’s preferences.

★    Fast delivery within 10-15 days with an added option of rush delivery in 8-10 days.

★    Hot & flat discounted sale seasonally.

★    24/7 online customer support.

★    100 % Money back guarantees if not satisfied.