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A kilt is not just a piece of clothing that resembles skirts, it refers a Scottish pride and symbol of honor that represent power, romanticism and dramatic forms of highland dress. Moreover, as a Scottish ancestry kilts also belong to a specific family clan.

Kilts as a routine dress to formal wearing comes in many forms as traditional design to edgy modern in denim and camouflage, and pinstripe to utility kilt. Kilts dress uniquely stitched according to practical needs in a very modern and utility design. It also has roots in the type of highlanders clothing worn by numerous invaders of Scotland. Nowadays, kilts are famously worn at ceremonies to different official occasions as a formal dress range to military processions.

Celtic Culture

A kilt is being associated with Celtic culture and well-adjusted suit that suitably combination of climate, the lifestyle of the modern era, and convenient working dress. In short, kilt has a very rich history and natural masculinity effects in itself by wearing from men and women.

Kilts Attributes

A kilt is simply a back-sided pleated garment often made up from woolen cloth designed in a tartan pattern. Kilts in its originated form specifically used by men and boys in the Scottish Highlanders as the traditional dress, also a well-popular clothing worn on formal occasion, sports events, and highland games. Nowadays, a specific concept of wearing a kilt is being changed to its broader context by wearing on marriages ceremonies, different fashionable informal male occasions to daily use wearing item.

Kilts are cultural garments by having social significance of honor and well-recognized Scottish garment all over the world.

Design of Kilts

Kilts has some specific designing in its unique form and developed in a very modified way from ancient to modern style dress that belongs to its essential features. Kilts in this modern world develop the taste of fashion and formed according to practical conditions that add the beauty and charm at the same time due to its Scottish character reflection.

Kilts construct from 7 to 9 yards of tartan plaid fabric which is wrapped and folded approximately 12 knife pleats.

Three types of pleats are popular among kilts stitching pattern.

  • Pleat to sett
  • Pleat to stripe
  • Knife pleats


Material of Kilt

Kilts usually made of tough fabric of 100% pure wool especially in a tartan pattern in plain colors mostly include green and saffron which represent the Irish traditions.  The plain black kilt is also the best type of fashionable iconic piece of clothing. Tweed is a well-popular fabric in kilts style range as well. A lot of quality material available in denim, plain or printed cotton as camouflage, plain wool, leather and other materials with suitable characteristics to construct a best kilt for wearing.

Utility Kilts

Utility kilts are featuring with cargo pockets in the range from back to front to make them convenient for daily use, in a very high quality wise durable fabric and comfortable enough to stay relax for a long time. These kilts aim to enhance the lifestyle according to fashion and needs that fabricated with a sewing machine to construct a complete dress with pockets and hooks to carry the essentials all time.

Traditional Kilts

Traditional kilts comparatively a representation of strength and patriotism under the symbol of the family clan. So, it needs extra care to construct for both fashionable and functional as a fit wearing a dress in this modern world.

Traditional kilts in the tartan fabric are the overwhelming choice for a contemporary look, also an essential part of modern design kilts.

Choosing a tartan for Kilts

It’s good to choose your tartan first and according to the fabric, pattern decides to adopt the pattern type for your kilt. Kilts are designed in a tartan pattern made up of wool synthetic fabric like acrylic and polyviscose. Pleats are only a matter of taste either you want to the sett or to the stripe.

Different tartan patterns associated with tartan designs as corporations, sports team, clan and much more, always comes in horizontal designs for men and diagonal design appropriately chooses for women’s dresses.

What is referred by Tartan?

Tartan fabric is a significant pattern in crossing horizontal and vertical lines and colors that define the family or clan of a person. Twill and wool are the most specific fabric type for the familial tie that is woven in a specific way. The weave of material, colors of thread and pattern plays an important role to associate the family bond, heritage, and clan.

Moreover, there is a lot of design in tartan available according to choice or taste beyond the clan significance or familial tie. Tartan kilts relate to the clan of Ireland or Scotland and basically processed as handmade kilts. Tartan kilts typically originate in a classic design also meet the stylish look through its rich pattern and accessories that complete the royal personality glimpse.

Kilts Accessories

Kilts accessories add beauty to the next level that suitable for classical to casual outfit all along. Some of the best accessories to wear a truly authentic look.

A leather belt with decorative buckle

A jacket specially designed and match to kilt style and color

A sporran belt pouch made from leather or animal hide to keep the stuff or money

A kilt pin to add weight and decorative touch on the front panel

A kilt knife traditionally kept inside the man’s socks

A pair of hose socks wear to knee-length

Sturdy leather shoes traditionally designed with laces and without a tongue


With time progression, kilts having the advanced features and designed with different material to add style and practicality that inspire to wear as a powerful dress and an excellent choice to express power, masculinity, and confidence. Nowadays, kilts available in many types of material and design like Hybrid kilts, Denim Kilts, Printed Kilts, Camouflage Kilts, Utility Kilts, Leather Kilts, Fashion Kilts, Classic and modern etc. Every kilt piece has its own uniqueness and attractive flair to inspire others.

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