Leather Kilts

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Leather Kilts

Wearing a kilt is a sign of Celtic pride in Scotland and Ireland from centuries to honor the heritage. As traditional outfit kilts have a more appealing sense by wearing men. Nowadays kilts have been associated with the most iconic piece of fashion in the modern world.

What is Leather Kilt?

The leather is a material that has beauty in itself due to its silk, smooth and original shine look to transform your simple kilt into an amazing outfit.

A kilt is a type of skirt, traditionally made from tartan fabric to wear it for almost every formal events like weddings, sports events, and events concerning the Royal Family to informal daily wear. As time changed, with the new trends kilt is getting a bold new looks and demands to adopt the fashion taste of modern gentleman. For this purpose, kilts were designed with advanced features and different fabric to enhance the look of classic tartan kilts. The best modern version is a leather kilt made out from genuine leather, which has colors variety as well in traditional black and brown to more trendy colors like red, blue, green and others.

  • A variety of colors and customized designs in leather kilts bring a new level of sophistication and individual look by every man all over the world.
  • You can find kilts in a variety of materials. As we all know that, the traditional kilt was made from wool and was typically in a plaid style that represents your clan.
  • Leather kilts have buckling straps closures with flat panels at front and pleats along their sides.
  • As leather kilts are inspired to use as daily cloth type, so it has many functions to provide comfort and ease to carry different accessories with you all the time.
  • In a very modern way, leather kilts have cargo pockets and edgy embellishments to decorate with chains or studs.

Looking after a leather kilt

  • Leather kilts are made from genuine pure skin of cows, lamb, ostrich, goat and more,
  • So it needs extra care to avoid wash, as it removes natural shine and oil from your leather kilt and causes to make it faded and rough dry after a wash.
  • Use recommended leather cleaner to remove dirt from genuine leather and ensure its suppleness.
  • Never use a plastic bag to hang your leather kilt, instead of use cotton bag to store your kilt and it will remain your leather kilt’s life and color from rubbing or any other damages.

“Plain and Plaid” are the first priority to remain comfortable in kilts all along. The other features such as cargo pockets, belt loops, straps, hooks, and closures just enhance the beauty of kilt to impress and look perfect by wearing a kilt. Customization in fabric and design can avail according to choice and fashion.



Leather kilts Perfect for Casual Wear

Genuine leather kilts are perfect for everyday use to attend any casual or formal event and even suitable for working day.

Over the centuries, kilt style modified to be the same as what we all know of kilts these days. Maybe it will take a bit convincing to urge some people to even try once.

Today you are able to find kilts in a variety of fabrics that are favorable to choose from the fashion kilt, denim kilt, utility kilt, tartan kilt or leather kilt according to choice.

A kilt is quite simply a piece of clothing. It will enhance your personality as nothing else will. So, once you need to make a style statement, choose for your kilt fabric with care.

Leather kilts look sensible and by wearing but practically they are high maintenance. Leather kilts need regular oiling and maintenance if you wish to stay them looking nice.

The leather kilt is well developed into the world for casual wear.

Top Leather Kilts for Men 2019

CASUAL leather kilt FOR horny MEN

  • The leather kilt for sexy men is a casual kilt that may show off your love of leather and heritage with pride for those who like the boldness of leather
  • Constructed out of real cowhide leather
  • Available to you in a range of colors to match any of your favorite shirts.
  • Enjoy the convenience of various, generously sized snap-down pockets
  • Accommodate anything that you just need to keep there.
  • Features variety of belts and rust-resistant buckles
  • Ensure a proper and comfortable fit at work
  • Ability to decorate with a sporran.

CELTIC Leather kilt WITH Leather Sporran

  • The Celtic leather kilt with leather sporran turns fashion on its top,
  • Modern cow's leather.
  • Rich chocolate color, sleek, supple texture,
  • Leather sporran makes this style in a category by itself.
  • Wear it for parties, impressing the clubs or while riding your bike,
  • Black and brown leather sporran included in it
  • Double pockets


  • Perfect for the biker who is brimful with Scottish pride,
  • Twin cargo Pockets
  • Traditional Celtic design
  • Casual kilt with a special twist
  • Made from luxury grade prime grain polished cow's leather,
  • A flat front panel for practical work.
  • Two buckles for fastening the kilt and adjusting it with ease
  • Roomy snap-down carpenter's pockets

DELUXE Leather kilt WITH fashionable POCKETS

  • The Deluxe leather kilt
  • Stylish Pockets is a modification of classic leather kilt
  • Modern vogue and Celtic tradition at the same time.
  • Deluxe leather kilt highest quality cowhide leather
  • Stylish side pockets with flap pockets and 3 smaller pocket
  • Down pleats continuous aligned

Fancy Fluttering leather kilt

  • Unique and extra luxurious
  • The fancy fluttering leather kilt may be a kilt for the discerning gentleman
  • Something really exceptional.
  • Made from the best real leather material,
  • Rustic look to love
  • Three belts strap to fasten it on the waist and hips.
  • Designed completely to order,
  • This kilt contains a single cargo pocket at the front secured by a buckling belt strap.

Double-Sided Gothic leather kilt

  • Combination of the classic warrior kilt and also the Goth fashion apparels.
  • Handmade from the chosen double sided soft finest goat leather.
  • Made with knife pleats hence it's the same at both side.
  • It can be worn from both sides, while the color of both sides is different.