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Looking for a suitable kilt jacket to dress in perfect traditional attire? If yes so then you’re in the right place as Super Kilts takes pride in creating and presenting latest yet historical kilts collection and accessories to fulfill the requirements of every customer.

We’ve listed some kilt jackets with a good insight at the inspiration, crafting and features of each in this guide to ease the process and help you choose the best one for yourself.


Prince Charlie jacket:

This versatile Prince Charlie black jacket with the vest is an ideal highland Black tie outfit for weddings, VIP events, and formal dinners.

It is worn with a tartan kilt, wing collar shirt, and a bow tie in a traditional manner however you can also occasionally opt for a white shirt with a Victorian collar and a black ruched tie.

This kilt jacket is finely crafted in high-quality woolen woven fabric namely Serge with secured inner lining for both durable and comfortable wear. It is equipped with six chrome ornate buttons on the front, three on each sleeve and eight on the back (tails) to represent nobility as in the Celtic symbolism. Prince Charlie jacket also features satin lapels, full braided silk epaulets, button straps on each shoulder and long sleeves with shiny thistle button cuffs.

This jacket comes with a vest or waistcoat with satin lapels and 5 thistle buttons to match a tie which can be seen (if worn) as buttons on the jacket doesn’t fasten. However, the vest with 3 buttons is also available. A Sporran on the front apron is highly recommended. Also, Prince Charlie jacket can be customized in any color, size etc.

Product features:

Premium quality Serge fabrication with Silk lining.

Rust free chrome buttons on front and tails.

Crail cuff sleeves with braided straps.

Vest with 5 buttons and satin lapels.

Stylish traditional crafting.


Sherrifmuir Grey Wool Pride Jacket:

This Sherrifmuir pride jacket with vest or waistcoat in grey color is an exquisite piece to complete an eye-catching kilt outfit for daytime occasions like reunion, Parties, weddings and other formal events.

It is worn with grey background tartan and a matching grey pattern ruched tie for a contemporary look. Though, you can wear a bow tie if you like one.

This jacket is fabricated in 100% wool to ensure durability and lined with pure satin fabric (grey) for a shiny & stylish appearance. It is decorated with sharp diamond thistle buttons on each side of the jacket with fastening one at the top while tails at the rear are also provided with six matching buttons. Sherrifmuir jacket also features high-collar, long sleeves with Crail cuffs and full braided silk epaulets with same rust free chrome button on either shoulder. The jacket comes with a pride-lined vest of 5 ornate buttons and 2 convenient jetted pockets to keep your wallet and other stuff in place. It can be accentuated with a black or grey sporran for a perfect traditional highlander look.

Product features:

100 % worsted wool crafting.

High-grade lining in grey satin.

Rust free chrome buttons on front, cuffs & tails.

High collared with a pride-lined vest.

Two convenient pockets.


Argyle Kilt Jacket:

This Argyle style kilt jacket is the latest addition to our collection which is another stylish traditional outfit with a modern twist for both formal and semi-formal occasions like wedding or parties. As the jacket is less formal in design than the previous two listed so can be worn as a selective casual dress also.

It can be worn with every kind of tartan kilt, winged collar shirt and a bow tie or ruched tie whatever you prefer.

This jacket is tailored in premium quality Serger fabric to ensure durability and secured with high-grade lining in satin to the outer shell material. One rust free chrome buttons with thistle insignia are provided on the front for fastening while three on either side. It also features full braided epaulets, long sleeves with gauntlet cuffs and three buttons. There are no tails at the back or satin lapels.

Argyle jacket comes with a vest which is sewn in similar fashion with 5 fastening buttons. Two inner pockets are also provided for convenience. You can wear with a vest or without a vest and choose sporran with black leather accents for a contemporary look.

Product features:

Durable crafting in premium quality Serger fabric.

Secure satin lining.

Rust free chrome buttons with thistle insignia.

Gauntlet cuffs & braided shoulder straps.

Matching black vest with 5 chrome buttons on the front.

Convenient inner and waistcoat pockets.


Montrose Jacket:

Think of this jacket as formal and semi-formal evening outfit for VIP events, wedding, and parties as this Montrose doublet has unique crafting in short cut style.

It is matched with a white shirt (tunic), lace jabot and can be worn with all kinds of tartan kilts. It can be further accessorized with a fancy belt and cuffs.

Montrose jacket can be fabricated in either serge wool or velvet according to custom order. It features stand up collar, double-breasted cut with ten sharp diamond thistle buttons on the front for a graceful appearance. Fully lined in satin while sleeves are long with Crail cuffs and three matching buttons sits on each. Two inner pockets are provided for convenience and belt loops on waistband are added features for a perfect traditional styling.

Product features:

Crafting in 100% wool or velvet.

High-grade lining in satin fabric.

Rust free chrome buttons with thistle insignia.

Stand up collar and two pockets.

Crail cuff sleeves.


Piper Drummer White Doublet Jacket:

Aside from formal black and grey colors, we have something in store for professional drummers as well. This Piper drummer doublet jacket is the one for drummers to don and earn compliments.

This piper jacket goes well with all kinds of tartan kilts and is occasionally matched with slashes and badges for more eye-catching appearance.

It is skillfully tailored by our highland kilt makers in quality pyre material with full lining in silk for utmost comfort and durability. Silver or chrome buttons are provided on the front and on the lower side tails. It features standard collar, golden braided piping which is done throughout the jacket and shoulder straps like royals with detachable shells. Sleeves are decorated with similar buttons and golden braiding.

Product features:

Pyre material crafting.

Comfy silk lining

Stylish cut exclusively fit for drummers

Golden braid and piping.

Rust free golden/silver buttons.

Detachable pad shells over shoulders.

Crail cuff sleeves with buttons.


Our Superkilts is an online one-stop shop for all kinds of kilts and accessories. We are offering all of these kilt jackets and vests in premium quality and skillfully crafting which are customizable so you can get the way you want.


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