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Utility Kilts for Men White...

An upstyle and unique kilt made especially for adventure lovers and sportsmen. Standard Deluxe utility design crafted in 8 yards of 100% cotton which is both heavy & breathable fabric. Well-sewn and sharp pleated at the back for easy mobility along with the traditional plain front apron. Rust free chrome buttons furnishing on the front and over flaps of pockets. Two large spacious Cargo pockets on both sides and a small flap pocket at the back for utmost convenience. Two adjustable straps and large belt loops. Available in 7 different colors and customizable sizes as it is made to measure kilt.

$59.99 Price

US Military Camo Utility Kilt

US Military Camo Utility Kilt Inspired by the military theme of the United States, this kilt makes an ideal outfit for rough and tough men venturing in forests, hiking, biking, and other adventures. The eye-catching camouflage style that it features is a worth-trying and the design is both stylish and convenient. It is long lasting apparel crafted in the finest blend of poly-cotton with heavy drill fabric and Camo print of green, khaki and black patches. Neatly & double stitching is done with spacious pleats in 8 yards for full swings. It is adjustable with dual straps and large loops on the waistband. Rust free chrome studs and two conventional Cargo pockets on either side.
$87.00 Price

Super Kilts Working Men...

Working Men Modern Utility Kilt a simple yet classic design developed to make comfortably casual and working outfit for men. It is fabricated to cope with rough and tough day jobs. This modern utility kilt is made of 100% pure cotton with heavy fabric and stitched finely on both sides. Spacious Knife pleating is done at the back with plain front apron. Rust-free chrome studs are scattered in "X-fashion" across the front. Two large Cargo pockets provided at either side and a flap pocket at the back are also decorated with these studs and offers great accommodation of keeping large number of things. Kilt is adjustable via two straps on sides. Black color is a suitable attire but available in 7 more colors.

$59.99 Price

Steampunk Kilt for Gothic Men

Steampunk Kilt for Gothic Men this bold and dark steam punk style kilt is designed for those men who like to reflect antiquated Gothic theme in their fashion. Best to wear on occasions like Halloween. It is fabricated in 8 yards 100% pure cotton with breathable & heavy drill fabric for durable and comfortable wear. The back is pleated well and rigorously while the front apron is embellished with stylish chrome rings, hooks, small bead chain and a long dual chain which are attachable & detachable just like two cargo pockets on its either side. It is finely stitched with made to measure option. Available in 7 more basic colors.
$83.99 Price

Tactical Duty Kilt for Men

Tactical Duty Kilt for Men It’s one of the best tactical kilt which is ideal for men on duty, work, on any mission or sports event. It is highly functional and fit for tough outdoor activities. 100% fine & blended poly-cotton with stain resistance treatment is used to craft it and neatly stitched on both sides for a secured lining. It is super durable with comfort. Front apron bears rust-free studs & rings followed by spacious pleating that covers the entire back. Adjustable snap buttons provided for buckling. Large cargo pockets with flaps are present on both sides. Customizable kilt and available in 7 solid shades.

$76.99 Price

Winter Fashion Warm Utility...

Winter Fashion Warm Utility Kilt Casual yet classy kilt with cool exterior and warm interior. Best for winter day wear as a warm working kilt outfit. This utility kilt is made of blended poly-cotton which is both durable and lightweight for comfortable wear. Sharp and rigorous pleating is sewn for full swings at the back with Plain apron at the front so one can move freely. It is adjustable with dual leather straps and buckles on the right side. It is stain-resistant with rust-free metals. Two cargo pockets are provided at either side for keeping things safe and in place. Made to measure & available in 7 basic colors.
$79.00 Price

Premium Working Men Modern...

Premium Working Men Modern Kilt This modern kilt is a hybrid of two styles such as casual khaki and traditionally Scottish kilt. Best for men to wear it at workplace during their jobs and stay cool throughout rough & tough days as it is quite light weight. Crafted in 100% finest cotton and skillfully lined on both sides. The front apron is not all plain and features stylish side line with stitched dark fabric & snap buttons. Its back consists of sharp knife pleating which offers full swings for ease. It also features two adjustable straps, rust free studs and two large & spacious Cargo pockets on both sides.
$68.99 Price

Premium Firefighter Utility...

Premium Firefighter Utility Kilt Super stylish utility kilt with premium design to reflect firefighter theme. Best for firefighters as well as other men for an eye-catching work outfit for rough & tough jobs. This kilt is made in 100% cotton with high-grade stitching. It is both FR treated and stain resistant. The front apron is outlined with high-visibility light reflector followed by well sewn sharp pleats at the back for ease & comfort. It also features adjustable straps for buckling, rust free studs & rings and two large cargo pockets to carry things safely. Made to measure kilt with size and colors customizable in 7 different shades.
$75.99 Price

Special Great Kilt for Victory

Special Great Kilt for Victory This is truly a great kilt to celebrate victories. It is suitable for hard-working guys as well as makes an eye-catching outfit to wear in sports events, shows, parties etc. This brown kilt is crafted in 100% pure cotton with heavy and long-lasting fabric. It features neat double stitching with contrasting thread. The front apron bears chrome studs that are arranged in "V-fashion" reflecting victory theme. Sharp and distinct pleating is sewn down the length which is adjustable with straps. It also features two large cargo pockets on both sides and a flap one at the back. Customizable for size, color and button material.

$80.99 Price

Super Khaki Kilt for Working

This plain khaki kilt has its own grace and is best for semi formal wear in summer. It can also be worn casually or as working outfit with any black Jacobean shirt by men. Crafted in 100% pure cotton with expert stitching done on both sides. The front apron is simple and adorned with 4 brass studs while the entire back is pleated in knife design skillfully to offer full swings. These pleats are adjustable with two side straps. This kilt also features snap buckling, rust free studs, two side large cargo pockets and one flap pocket at the back to keep things safe in place.
$70.00 Price

Modern Cargo Kilt

Modern Cargo Kilt This modern cargo kilt is a new versatile design to form stylish kilt outfits for a number of occasions. Best for men to wear for sporting, or in semi-formal events as well as casually or at work place. It is made in 100% pure cotton with fine double stitching. The front apron is typically plain but with few brass studs and followed by a sharp and spacious pleating that is sewn down for flattering look with ease and comfort while you move. It is adjustable with two straps and snaps for buckling. The unique feature is its two extra large side Cargo pockets to offer utmost convenience you can hold number of things in it.
$79.00 Price

Detachable Pockets Utility...

Detachable Pockets Utility Kilt are always convenient but this one has got its own style to show that. It has two large cargo pockets with hooks that are detachable which means you can remove them when you don't want pockets dangling at the sides. It is made of 100% pure cotton and stitched finely for durability and comfort. The front apron is adorned with six chrome studs while the back is sewn into sharp pleats so that each of which falls down separately and offer full swinging. It comes with adjustable straps and snaps closure. This kilt is best for casual wear or as working attire.
$87.00 Price


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