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If you’re fond of Highland fashion and wants to show off your traditional pride, then the variety is quite diverse for gentlemen’s clothing in this category including both formal and casual wear. Among many Highland styles for formal suit dressing, Prince Charlie set of jacket and waistcoat or vest has its own grace and gives one a more notable appearance when worn.


It is equally famous among Scottish, Welsh and Irish people when it comes to historically inspired kilt outfits.


Prince Charlie Jacket Inspiration & history 

It is a timeless fashion dress and so is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Formerly known as Black coat or Coatee, this Bonny Prince Charlie jacket was first drafted in the 19th century but introduced in the 20th century for men’s fashion catalog other than doublets of the mid-19th century.

It was named after the famous Jacobite leader.

It was designed to be more stylish and classic for young gentlemen’s fashion as doublets were usually worn by older Victorian men. It was highly appreciated at the times and since then demand for PC jackets & vests in the market is always in flow.

Stylish & Sleek theme designing:

Prince Charlie jacket is cut slightly higher than regular jackets and calling it a true hybrid of Victorian-age military cut Coatee and Jazz-age tuxedo will be no wrong. The latest version of its design includes crafting in the universally classic black color, adorning with silver metals like antique buttons on the front, sleeves and back for nobility as in Celtic and detailing with fine satin lapel & epaulets and tails on the back, mimicking a bit like a tuxedo.


The overall theme of its fine crafting and heavy embellishment creates Royal wear sensation.


When to wear it?

Bonny Prince Charlie set is classed as formal black tie or white tie outwear and befitting for evening events (after six). It is suitable for occasions such as a traditional gathering, party, ball dance, formal dinner etc. However, you can also opt to wear it for a few daytime occasions like a wedding, reunion or graduation ceremony.

What to wear with it?

Prince Charlie jacket with vest should be worn with an 8-yard tartan kilt, white shirt, neckwear like Victorian one, or you can have a bowtie or a black ruched tie to complete the look. A belt buckle doesn’t go well with a waistcoat. If you want to just wear a jacket, then pair it with a fancy belt, shirt, diced or off-white socks and ghillie brogues. Don’t skip accessorize part of your PC outfit with finest pieces such as a full dress Celtic sporran over kilt, silver kilt pin, custom gem broche, cufflinks, and Sgian dubh.

How we craft it?

We offer screen-accurate crafting of Prince Charlie Jacket just like the original one. It is fabricated in the same soft 100% Barathea cloth which consists of wool, cotton, and silk fabrics. The jacket is internally lined with silk for comfort and both outer & inner shells are secured with neat double stitching for durability. Vest consist of satin Lapels with low cut and single button at the front which is used for fastening it and more three silver thistle buttons on each flap of pockets are added for decorating the jacket front. It is further adorned with three more buttons on either sleeve and eight on the tails at the rear. Full braided silk epaulets on shoulders and long sleeves with button embellished crail cuffs complete the stunning look. We make to measure for tailored-fit unlike “off the rack” suit jackets. Both PC items are a hip size in length.


It flatters all shapes along with keeping kilt on the full-length display.


The style of this jacket is differentiated with a waistcoat or vest.

 PC jacket is accompanied with a waistcoat which may have either 3 buttons or 5 buttons closure at the front. However, both of these are made in the same manner such as Barathea wool crafting & satin lapels with the low neck cut and sharp thistle buttons for fastening front.

How can you customize it?

We offer “make to order” jackets with crafting in standard design for PC such as black color, satin lapels, and silver buttons. However, it’s a matter of choice as well, so you've got the freedom to customize its size, color, and buttons theme from silver gilt to bone buttons.


This all-around jacket comes with a choice between two types of vests.


Prince Charlie Jacket with 3-button vest:

v  Classic and popular jacket for a traditional style.

v  Ideal highland dress for formal occasions.

v  100 % Barathea or Serge wool crafting.

v  Satin lapels with a matching low cut vest.

v  Three closure buttons on the front of the vest.

v  Silver gilt buttons on pockets, sleeves and rear tails.

v  Braided epaulets with overall high-grade stitching.

v  Best to wear with a white shirt and Victorian neckwear.

v  Also, suitable with a bow tie or black tie for the present day fashion.

Prince Charlie Jacket with 5-button vest:

v  Jacket hybrid of ancient Coatee and modern tuxedo.

v  Always rolling in trend, timeless highland attire.

v  Ideal outfit for formal events.

v  Finest crafting in 100 % Barathea or Serge wool.

v  Satin lining and high-grade stitching.

v  Satin lapelled matching vest with 5 closure button on the front.

v  Chrome ornate buttons on pockets, sleeves and rear tails.

v  Braided epaulets on either shoulder of the jacket.

v  Suitable to wear with tartan kilts, shirt, bow tie, off-white socks and gillie brogues.


In a nutshell;

ü  A timeless outwear for traditional Highland fashion.

ü  Very formal design with Royal and noble theme reflection.

ü  Made in standard Black color. (Others also available)

ü  Premium Barathea wool crafting and silk inner lining.

ü  Low cut vest with satin lapels and a set of closure buttons.

ü  Thistle buttons on the flap of pockets and cuffs of sleeves.

ü  Shawl collar and full braided epaulets on shoulders.

ü  Finishing with 20 Celtic themed Silver gilt or chrome ornate buttons.

ü  Three or five buttons closure waistcoat option.

ü  Finest crafting with rust-free metals and tailored to fit.

ü  Made to measure and customizable Jackets & Vests.

ü  Suitable for VIP evening events & some daytime ceremonies such as a wedding and graduation.

ü  Worn with a matching 8-yard tartan kilt, wing collar shirt or Victorian collar white shirt, bow tie or black ruched tie, off-white socks and gillie brogues followed by other kilt accessories.